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The department is currently headed by Prof S.D. Purohit as its Course Director. At present one Assistant Professor is working in the department while four teachers are working as contract faculty. The faculty is also drawn from different department of the University for teaching as well to provide the best quality of training. All the Faculty Members including Contract Staff are accomplished teachers of high standing in their subjects. A brief introduction of area of their specialization and current research interest is given a s under;

  1. 1.      Professor D.K. Bhatt is a Professor & Head, Department of Zoology. He has specialized in cell biology, toxicology and cancer biology. He has worked on toxicity of pesticides, mapping of enzymes in the brain, effect in the brain, effect of organophosphate on neurotransmitter enzyme of photoreceptors. His current interest in the study of hepatoprotective role of certain herbs.

  2. 2.      Professor N.C. Arey  is a professor of botany, University College of Science. He has been engaged in research on metal toxicity in plants and phytormediation of polluted mining areas. He is pioneer in developing Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM) technology which has been commercialized by RSMML.

  3. 3.      Professor S. S. Katewa is Professor & Head, Department of Botany. He has been engaged in research in the field of Ethanobotany. Ecology and Agrostology. His current interest includes isolation of antimicrobial constituents from folklore plants.

  4. 4.      Professor S. D. Purohit is Professor of Botany and Course Director , Department of Biotechnology. His main working area of interest includes micropopagation of plants of forestry, horticultural and medicinal importance. He is engaged in research on use of molecular markers for assessment of genetics diversity in plants. His current interest is in genetic transformation of plants for improvement.

  5. 5.      Dr. Kanika Sharma is Assistant Professor of Botany. She is interested in assessment of therapeutic properties of some plant extracts in control of pathogenic microbes. She has also specialized in affluent treatment using various microbial systems.

  6. 6.      Dr. Preeti Singh is Assistant Professor of Zoology. She specializes in cytogenetics, reproductive biology and endocrinology. She is currently engaged in research on cell biology with special reference to chromosome analysis.

  7. 7.      Dr. Harshada Joshi is Assistant Professor of Biotechnology. He main area of interest includes isolation and cultivation of lactic acid bacteria of medicinal importance. She has conducted extensive research on the activity of lactobacilli, bacteriocin production and their optimization. Her current interest is in the development of a potential probiotic with special reference to lowering the serum cholesterol.

In addition, a large number of experts from other sister  institutions from Udaipur are regularly invited for guest lectures. Extension lectures of eminent scientists are also organized every year.